Packing is sometimes important for a successful trade. Our different kinds of packing will facilitate the storage and transportation of your dry, flowable materials such as sand, fertilizer, and granules of plastic etc. in high quality and cause customer satisfaction. The whole machinery that is used for our manufacturing process made by Starlinger & Co. Gesellschaft m.b.h.of Austria. Therefore we guarantee for high quality knitting.

When you deal with Polybag, you are guaranteed a higher level of quality and customer satisfaction. Our in house efforts have resulted in continuous improvements related to quality and on time delivery.

Who are we ?

Our Strategy

Polybag USA works nationally and internationally with its Channel Partners to achieve its purpose and target of providing the quality FIBCs, PP Woven sack, PP (polypropylene) Fabric and other packaging products at the most economical price that would not only help its customers to reduce their overall packaging costs throughout their supply chain but also enhance their productivity.

Why us ?

We focus on high quality, reasonable prices and consequent customer satisfaction. Sophisticated equipment and stringent quality measures ensure world-class quality. Our Quality Policy articulates our commitment to providing better quality products and improving customer satisfaction. Our products are tested and certified by Labordata (Germany) and meet international standards.

Our mission

Polybag USA is a Company committed to firm Corporate ethical values; We are committed to the fair treatment of all our employees. In keeping with this, we are firmly against the employment of child labor as per the Labor Act. We ensure that all our employees are above the minimum age of 18 years. We are fair towards our competition and resist indulging in unhealthy and unethical trade practices.

Core values

Inspiration amongst our employees keeps them motivated and engaged.
Our enthusiasm and passion is contagious
We work with honesty and dignity is our motto.
Working with the ethical code of conduct.
Success Will Come and Go, But Integrity is Forever
Polybag LLC achieves success through innovation, creativity, enhanced education and agility.
Continuous improvement in the processes by persistently creating better ways at of doing things at each levels of company
Commitment to Quality
Quality is what had made our customers believe in us
Quality is our top priority, the golden rule for our success and sustainability with highest retention of customers
Quality is our obsession and exceeding our clients’ expectation is our passion.
Team Synergy
Our success is contingent on the ethos “no one’s perfect, but a team can be.
A player can’t win a game, but a team can, this is the same physiology our employees work with, as a team, as a leader attaining each and every level of success.
Community Spirit
Serving the community with the spirit.
Sharing and celebrating our success with the community.

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